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August 25, 2009

This is a blogging exercise for module six of INFO 525, a Masters paper I’m doing up at Vic. I may develop this at the end of INFO 525, or it may all be deleted….

What do you think of the Mansfield University, Pennsylvania’s, M.Ed programme for school librarianship? This YouTube video is only a year old, but it already presents in an amusingly old fashioned way, which just goes to show how rapidly our expectations for novel and attention grabbing media have developed. Some of the discussion mentioning the use of Blackboard and shots of online screens were spookily familiar. I’ve enrolled in INFO 525 and beyond for most of the reasons given by the librarians interviewed, so what they’re saying is still valid, and it’s true that we certainly appear to be an aging profession! Personally I prefer the classroom contact we have, but the Mansfield University online course seems to offer a good practical option for those who want to upskill in their own time, at their own pace.